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Como Credit
Monitored: 2054 days
Como Credit screenshot
Invested: -
Min Invest: 10
Max Invest: 50,000
Referral: 5%-8%
PerfectMoney EgoPay BitCoin
Lifetime: 2054 days
Added: Feb 3rd, 2014
Withdrawal: Instant
SSL DDOS DedicatedServer DDOSProtected CustomizedScript CloudFlare
Plans: 1.4% - 2% daily for 30, 45, 60, 90 and 180 calendar days
Como Credit discription:
VISION Everyone can invest and earn money without required profound skills. Everyone should borrow money without major obstacles. MISSION Help people with various tools to earn money, as well as allow people to borrow money easily. This link between both is our core business. VALUES Innovative: We know that without risk there’s no innovation. We’re bold enough to question ideas, provoke new ways of thinking, strip away the superfluous and focus on those things at which we can excel. Safety: We aim for long-term investments with high ROI. To decrease involved risks, we gradually build up capital buffer, in case of emergency. Trust: We have a proud heritage of staff welfare, customer care and involvement in the community. We want to continue to build this. Service: is about delivering the highest standard of services to our customers. Commitment: Our people are committed to delivering great customer service. ComoCredit is a similar website to payday loans, which offers smarter and fairer option to invest money. It is the same as to lend money to few of your friends at the same time, however in ComoCredit case you can lend/invest between tens of thousands of other users and ComoCredit partners clients therefore making it more as a partnership platform. ComoCredit is a unique way how to invest money. Why? Well, ComoCredit is a partner who gets together investors and payday loan or short-term loan websites where ComoCredit works as a warrant and risk manager. As economy is still in downturn, payday loan websites are growing rapidly, however due to rapid growth they need funds, and here ComoCredit comes to rescue. ComoCredit has acquired large sums of buffer in order to give warrant to our investors as well as we do not put all eggs in one basket we do risk management, investing our profit in forex exchange markets, stock exchange and commodities. In addition when investor invests in our platform we divide invested money in several fractions, for instance client x lends/invests 1000 USD for 30 days, we distribute these 1000 USD to 10 Payday loan websites, meaning that each payday loan website gets 100 USD, where chances that in case one Payday loan defaults, Como Credit is going to lose only 100 USD not 1000 USD, therefore small chances that we are going to run out of business and it is perfect win-win situation. Payday loan websites are popular with high average lending percentages (up to 4000% a year); this is the main reason why our investors can earn high ROI in short time of period. ComoCredit has acquired funds over long period of working as a payday loan website, but due to relatively small funds to operate, we came up with new idea to get together more investors and fund more and more payday loan websites. ComoCredit main role is being as a warrant with capital buffer to our investors and middle men bringing together investors and payday loan websites. We work with huge piles of paper work, databases and companies that deal with debt recovery, in order to guarantee safe investing environment.
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